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The year 1973 marked the decay of the Targa, that happened definitively in 1977: this was the last year in which the Targa was part of the World-Wide Championship. On 13th May 1973 the Targa shattered the spectators’ hopes, who were present at the event: the favorite racing cars retired: as a consequence the race became boring. Vaccarella, the hero from Madonie Mountains, came back to Maranello firm after three years. Alfa Romeo presented the model 33tt12, Lancia Stratos made its entry among the queens of the Targa; not forgetting the Porsche Martini Carrera RSR sport… It seemed that everything wanted to announce battle on the circuit. Everyone went out of the scene: Porsche Carrera of Martini Team came in first, driven by Muller. He was the last one who wrote his name on the Roll of Honour.

The myth of the Targa finished at 04.05 P.M. that day the shot, that had always announced the winner’s arrival, communicated the end of the historical race. In addition, it announced the end of hopes and return matches that, from year to year, followed one another.

The International Sporting Committee believed that the race was too dangerous: the route was judged unsuitable, (according the modern prototypes) because its roadway was below the estimated limits and it had no flee ways. The multitude, that was present on the route, was uncontrollable. The judgment was not open to appeal: the Targa is an old-time race, it consists of engines and men. It is a race in which courage was enough to win, in which the pilot was alone against the risk, in which there were no strategies and the mechanics wasn’t human yet.