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1907 - 1925

1926 - 1950

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In the middle 1920s there is a challenge that continues until the middle of 1930s: the one between Bugatti and Alfa Romeo. These were unforgettable years for the motor-racing. Costantini, Materassi, Nuvolari, Divo, the best pilots of old, were chosen by these two motor firms. They fought exciting duels, which created the myth of the Targa Florio as a race that had no equal. 1926 is the year of 3 wins by Bugatti. For this occasion Vincenzo Florio made create a very beautiful bronze plate, that can be seen inside the Targa Florio Museum. in 1928 Elisabetta Juneck, known as Madame Juneck, Czechoslovak, run along a lap placing herself at the head of a group of pilots(among whom we mention Campari and Divo) coming in fifth, on board of her black and yellow Bugatti. From 1928 to 1930 there were unforgettable duels. Moreover the Targa of 1930 was spectacular. Varzi came in first on board of his bursting on flames Alfa, while a mechanician was trying to control them with a pillow. 1930 is the year of the first meeting of two men, who excited the fans’ hearts and who represented the myth of the pilot who simply desired to compete: Achille Varzi and Tazio Nuvolari. The duel between Bugatti and Alfa Romeo endured thanks to these two world-wide motor-racing stars’ exploits.

In 1932 the Little Circuit of Madonie Mountains was born. The Kilometers were 72, the number of laps was varying; 8 laps in 1932, 7 in 1933, 6 in 1934 and 1935, just 2 in 1936. From 1933 to 1935 won for three times consecutive in the circuit of Madonie Mountains.

From 1937 to 1940 the Targa was run in the Circuit of Favorita Park, in Palermo almost 6 Kilometers per lap, a race that oscillated from 315 to 171 Km. These are the years of Maserati: invincible in each of four competitions.

The challenges began again after the war pause; in 1948 there was the Sicilian lap formula, which would have been kept until 1950.