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(1906 1973)      
Through our pages you will be able to find out every secrets, curiosities and official news about the oldest racing on the road in the world. This site offers you a huge section dedicated to the Targa Florio with news about editions,about pilots who have taken part, about winners, about times race and set up records. The Photo Gallery will let you to dive into the past through pictures which have marked the History of the Targa; with us you will travel over the exciting duels of the race again; you will recognize the heros’ faces who have aroused enthusiasm in thousands of fans end the racing cars that have made the history of world motor-racing. In addition, if you want to touch antiques, photoalbums, specialized magazines, a huge bibliographic index about the Targa and all that concerns the Targa Florio , come and visit us at the Museum of the Association “Pro Targa Florio”. The page about the Museum will explain you how arriving here and, as soon as you arrive, Mr Catanzaro, the person in charge of Targa Florio Museum will reveal to you what you have never thought that could hide itself behind a race!!! Finally, if your thirst for curiosity has been satisfied, if we have been useful to you, if we have recalled your youth years even just for a moment- or if we have leaded you in an unknown world…

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Translated by Mimma Carollo, send an email for more information.