1906: Every competitor, taking account that we are talking about the beginning of motor racing and that the track was not equipped of technical assistance, could use 90 tires ( in addition to the 4 ones that should be on board of the car by law) and 90 drums made of aluminium, which contained fuel and other tools. Some days before the race, the pilots hid the tires and the drums along the track.

The first competitions of the Targa started from the straight stretch in Buonfornello. Here, there was the old nucleus of Floriopoli: a structure, totally made of wood. This structure burst into flames on 12th October 1923. It wasn’t rebuild in the same place: it was moved and rebuilt after the crossroad towards Cerda, but completely of stonework. Later, some changes were introduced in the building. Inside the Museum it is possible to see a reproduction of the original lay-out of 1924, which shows the plan of the stands that remained the same. The new Floriopoli was opened on 27th April 1924.

The straight stretch in Buonfornello was chosen as starting grid. Then the starting- point was moved towards the crossroads of Cerda: the present SS 113 was the only way of connection between the province of Caltanissetta and the Sicilian hinterland. This street was never closed during the days of tests, it was closed only the day of the competition. The need of keeping open this road-connection was so strong, that it was decided that the starting point should be created in front of the present railway station of Cerda.

Competition of 1924: Antonio Ascari, the pilot of the Alfa Romeo RL TF ( TR model suitable for this tortuous circuit and therefore called “Targa Florio”),was ahead of everybody, but he stopped 100 meters before the arrival because of an about-face. all the fans pushed the car, but it was a vain attempt. This event doesn’t seem curious, but the previous year the same thing happened like that: 100 meters before the arrival, after an exciting competition, a pilot stopped in the same point because of a breakdown.

The women of the Targa

Madame le Blon 1906  
Baronessa Antonietta D'Avanzo 1922 Alfa Romeo
Elisabetta Juneck 1926  
Contessa Margò Densieidel 1928 Bugatti
Ada Pace 1958 '59 '60 '61 Alfa Romeo, Giulietta, Ferrari, Osca
Isabella Taruffi 1957  
Anna Maria Peduzzi 1953 '54 '58 '59 '60 Stanguellini, Ferrari, Osca
Contessa Maria Teresa De Filippis 1955 Maserati
Marie Claude Beaumont 1972  
Pat Moss    
Giusi Gagliano 1971 '72  
Cristine Bekers    
Anna Cambiaghi 1975 '76 '77  
Serena Pittoni 1975 Alfa Romeo gtv
Rosa Adele Facetti    
Lella Lombardi    
Carla Bresciani    
Alain Simone    
Soldano Rosalba